Hello friends. Thank you for taking the time to check out Spango. Learning a bit about me I think will give you great insight as to what Spango is all about.

I am many things to many people. A friend, a sister and wife but above all I am mom to two beautiful children Christian and Alexandra. Somebody once told me to create the life you want to live and in my case Spango is my way of creating the life I want my children to experience. 

You see, I'm a first generation Cuban American girl plucked from my hometown of Miami and transplanted to Atlanta in the early 90's. ( total culture shock to say the least)  I went from watching Que Pasa USA and listenening to Menudo to learning about Garth Brooks and reading Gone with the Wind. The clencher is I married what people in my culture lovingly call a GRINGO or non-Latino. I swore I'd return to my beloved Miami but life had grander plans.  It was then I realized what an asset culture and language is not only to my family.


I created a company called Spango to encourage bilingual families with my same struggle to continue exposing their children to the spanish language in a fun and educational way. Often times 1st generation families in the city don't have the resources or the community's attention to combat this struggle. Spango want's to be the voice for bilingual families in the city.

Jackie Castillo


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